“Desert Schooner”


“Desert Schooner,” $1700.00

Winner of the People’s Choice Award, Colorado State Fair Fine Arts Exhibit, 2016untitled
lighted sculpture functional art

“Desert Schooner” is an illuminated sculpture, 6′ x 3′ x 2′.  It is made from a Cedar wood stem carefully sanded and oiled to bring out its rich red color. The base is glass, tile, copper and stone mosaic over a concrete base, grouted with a terra cotta colored grout. LED lights twist up the stem, embedded in the natural depression from the wood, and covered with blue glass chip mosaic. The “sails” are made from paper, glue, and reed. There are copper foil and wire accents throughout the piece. It is designed to be attractive from all angles so it can be placed anywhere in the home. It is beautiful unlit, but when the lights are on the papier mache takes on a warm glow.

paper illuminaria sculptureDesertSchoonerMosaicBaseDesertSchoonerMosaicBase2Desert schooner stem litDesertSchoonerUnlitIMG_0965IMG_0962