Illuminated Sculptures

These sculptures are created from a papier-mâché technique over reed, with a wood core and led lighting. The wood is all downed wood, never taken from a living tree, collected from various sources and primarily Pinyon Pine, Juniper, or Oak. Other media may be added as embellishment, including mosaic or inlay with copper, stone, glass, or fiber.

Please contact me directly if you are interested in purchasing one of my illuminated sculptures. Because of their size and shipping complications, I don’t want to put them into a regular shopping cart page. We can best figure out the best way to ship if we work together!


lighted sculpture functional art at
“Desert Schooner”
illuminated sculpture, lamp, mood lighting, sculpture, paper, wood and paper light, unique lighting,
“Dry Lightning”
illuminated sculpture made with paper, oak, reed, glue, and LED lighting OOAK home decor
“Beulah Wind”
papier mache lamp illuminated sculpture wall hanging copper paper reed LED
“Vortex Rose”

papier mache lamp illuminated sculpture wall hanging angelina fiber paper reed LED